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Tom George’s roots with the pulp and paper industry dates back to 1978. Starting from the ground up, first by calling on and writing specs for engineering firms for new construction and existing maintenance projects for various paper mills and machine fabricators in Wisconsin. Some of the mills are Appleton Papers, Kimberly Clark, Consolidated Papers etc. Tom has been involved in 6 week shutdowns where entire paper machines were painted from one end to the other, which also included structural steel and walls that housed the machine. Tom also has experience in heat cured tank linings, exterior tanks, structural steel, ceilings, floor projects paint & stripping etc. to every day maintenance with mill painters and painting contractors alike.

Over the past 29 years coatings like everything else have improved to meet every day requirements in this fast paced world such as faster drying times, higher solids for lower V.O.C.’s and water borne technology. For instance in the past, a 3 coat emersion system had to cure a minimum of 7 days to be put back in service. With today’s technology you can do it in 3 – 4 hours or less.

As you can see from our Line Sheet we distribute for 10 major industrial coating manufacturers from conventional coatings, moisture cured technology to water base stainless steel coatings. We feel this gives us the edge on our competition because we have a very large library of coatings at our access to specify the coating system that best fits your project needs for your various application.


This is a general paint specification for new construction and maintenance painting under normal time restraints, we have several other systems to meet fast track shut downs, such as coatings that dry in an hour for emersion service or 3 count systems that can be applied in 3 hours or less and put back in service.

For further information please contact us at #920-339-5730 or email us at mail@paintman.com.


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